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So the latest clubs to arrive in the shop are somewhat of a through back to the old days. In 2003 when Callaway purchased the Hogan brand from Spalding we were all left wondering what was to be made of the brand which was known for forged players clubs. I always remember the E wedge which was in the sets! It would now appear the resurrection is taking place! Callaway have just launched the Apex and Apex Pro irons. Much has been made of these irons on social media but I am always a skeptic until I have them in my hands.

I got onto the range and noticed first the satin look of the clubs. Nice touch! The soft nature of the finish presents itself well behind the ball. The clubs felt great to me. Very soft and playable. The distance was admirable from all parts of the club face which is the most important thing in my mind. We want consistent distance from the entire club face as we tend to use it all!

Overall both models provide a very solid club which cannot be ignored when in the market for new clubs. The Apex Pro were noticeably harder to used so I would tread carefully on these unless your handicap permits HOWEVER I think the Apex may get some play on the Tour as they performed so well.

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