Golf Club Custom Fitting

You are throwing away $$$ if you don't get your next clubs custom fitted!

Club fitting Hawke's Bay

We take pride in HELPING you decide which clubs are the best for your game and that is why we are the only place to come to get fit in Hawkes Bay. We use the latest in launch monitor technology with our Flightscope X2 to ensure you are making the right investment for your game. We are the only team in the Hawkes Bay who have invested in technology to help ensure you make the right investment in your golf. Flightscope is great for club fitting and coaching so why not make an appointment to see us and we can get you on track to play your best. After all….golf is more fun when you hit the ball less!


6 Fitting Facts That Will Change Your Golf Swing

1. Shafts

golf shafts
Graphite versus steel? Stiff versus regular? Long versus short?

The properties of a shaft basically control how straight your ball flies.

We can optimise your ball flight in terms of finding you a shaft that not only goes straight but gains you distance.

2. Clubhead design

golf club head design
Blade versus cavity? Game improvement versus playability? Soft versus hard? We can increase or decrease the height of your ball flight with the correct club head for you.

Do you need more or less offset? Do you prefer a softer or harder feel? Do you want to hit it straight or shape the ball? We can optimise all of these benefits based on what clubhead we give you.

3. Lie angle

club fitting demo
This is the angle of the club head relative to the ground at impact and determines the direction the ball flies.

This explains why balls above our feet should draw and balls below our feet should fade. Depending on how you swing the club and what your goals are, it is a known industry fact that over 95% of all golfers when fitted ARE NOT STANDARD.

4. Grip size

golf grip
Small versus big? Hard versus soft? Rubber versus multi-material? The size of your grips can affect how square your clubface gets at impact.

This can also be influenced by any health issues such as arthritis in the hands or the wrists and is crucial in making sure you find a club that FEELS right to you.

5. Your set make up

Golf Club sets
2, 3 or 4 wedges? How many hybrids should I have? What should my longest iron be? We are only allowed 14 clubs to do the job on course, yet it still amazes me how many golfers carry clubs that go similar distances and do the same job.

Each club is designed to do something different i.e. your driver versus putter, so have you got the right combination of tools for the job at hand?

6. My $1000 driver and my $10 putter

Old putter
This is extreme but putting is 43% of the game of golf!

Logic would dictate that we would spend the most of our time, money and effort on finding the right putter for ourselves as we use it the most.

However most of us have the analogy of using “any old thing” and wonder why we cannot achieve consistency on the greens.

You need a putter to match your stroke and that works for you.